Multifunctional pallet scales HX7.4P

HX7.4P.600.C Multifunctional Pallet Scale
Max: 600kg
d: 200g

HX7.4P.1500.C Multifunctional Pallet Scale
Max: 1500kg
d: 500g

HX7.4P.3000.C Multifunctional Pallet Scale
Max: 3000kg
d: 1000g


The HX7.4P C is a brand new design comprised of the advanced PUE HX7 indicator, made of stainless steel, and a powder coated 4-load-cell pallet construction. It is intended for weighing of Euro pallets as well as any transport pallets of 800 × 1200 mm dimensions. The scale enables loading the weighing pan using a forklift.

The indicator thanks to its distinguishing features such as a colour 7” graphic display, and a diode bar graph which signals the current load mass referred to the scale range or the declared min and max thresholds, significantly simplifies the operation. At the back of the housing there are hermetic connectors of RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet communication interfaces, plus digital inputs/outputs and analogue output. This enables cooperation with external devices such as barcode scanners, printers, external displays, control buttons, light signalling towers, other controlling/signalling devices, systems for automatic process control and superior IT systems.

With use of the bracket you can either place the indicator at any flat horizontal surface, or fix it to the wall adjusting the tilt respectively to suit your needs.
The terminal’s software allows carrying out processes such as weighing, parts counting, dosing, labelling, formulations and percent weighing. Indicator’s system of information is based on databases (users, products, weighings, packaging, formulations, customers) and ALIBI memory which guarantees stored data safety.