PUE HX7 Terminal

Product code: WX-008-0158


PUE HX7 terminal is a constructional component of industrial multifunctional load cell scales, equipped with either one or numerous load cells. It is based on the latest solutions and an advanced computing platform. Versatile terminal’s software will satisfy even the most demanding users and system integrators. The basic version of the terminal features a vast range of communication interfaces, which range can additionally be expanded.

Weighing Platform Operation

Basic version of the terminal supports 1 analog weighing platform. The possibility to install an additional weighing module enables to support 2 weighing platforms.


Diode bar graph is located on the top of the operation panel and consists of 9 red and green diode fields. The terminal features 3 working modes: ‘linear’, ‘weighing thresholds signaling’ and ‘check weighing’. The bar graph significantly increases the comfort of operation during piecework in food industry when fast and unambiguous presentation of product mass deviation against the declared min and max values is crucial.

Multifunctional Software

Terminal software facilitates processes such as weighing, parts counting, dosing, labelling, formulations and percent weighing. Terminal’s information system is based on databases (such as: users, products, weighing, packaging, formulations, customers) and ALIBI memory which guarantees stored data safety.
When developing the software, special attention was given to the functionality and ergonomics. This resulted in increased comfort of terminal operation.

Battery as an Optional Power Source

Use of the optional battery enables the PUE HX7 terminal to operate even when there is either no or unstable power supply. This improves the security of acquired data and improves comfort of operation.

Communication Interfaces

The terminal is equipped with RS 322, RS 485, USB, Ethernet, digital inputs/outputs and analog output. This enables connection with external devices such as barcode scanners, printers, external displays, control buttons, light signaling towers, other controlling/signaling devices, systems for automatic process control and superior IT systems. The connection is possible due to the implemented and complex character-based communication protocol. In the future, the interfaces will be extended with Profibus and Profinite. Additionally, Modbus RTU and TCP protocols will be implemented.